Helping the healthcare industry
make better decisions.

We provide superior outcomes-based research programs, business insights, and advisory services to hospitals, healthcare vendors, life sciences firms, and health plans. The combination of our Research Cloud platform and our Research as a Service methodology delivers insights with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

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The Research Cloud

Our proprietary Research Cloud is at the core of Research as a Service. The Research Cloud is built on a large, growing network of 800,000+ decision makers from hospitals, clinics, payers, and pharmaceutical companies. It also contains our proprietary engagement platform which has built-in best practices, data visualization and analytics dashboards, bi-directional sales force integration, and a full professional services division to provide deep analysis, recommendations, and suggestions.

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Research as a Service

Every company should make decisions based on real, relevant, data. Our Research as a Service platform enables you to get answers from the market, your customers, or your employees in a matter of days. We’ve been doing this a long time, we know what works and what doesn’t, and we will help you with every project to make sure you’re following our proven methodology and best-practices.

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The best decisions are based in real data and no one is better, or faster,
at getting you that data than Reaction Data.

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