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Reaction Data is the gold standard of outcomes-based research for the global healthcare provider, payer, and life sciences industries. By seamlessly blending our proprietary Research Cloud platform with innovative research methodologies and data-driven consulting, you can make better decisions, fast.


The Research Cloud

Our proprietary Research Cloud is at the core of Research as a Service. The Research Cloud is built on a large, growing network of 800,000+ decision makers from hospitals, clinics, payers, and pharmaceutical companies. It also contains our proprietary engagement platform which has built-in best practices, data visualization and analytics dashboards, bi-directional sales force integration, and a full professional services division to provide deep analysis, recommendations, and suggestions.

Current Market Trends

Current market trends, or SmartData, are the answers to questions everyone has: What are people buying? Who are they buying from? What new laws are being passed? What mergers and acquisitions are taking place? And who is disrupting the market? We gather insights on all of these topics so you can keep a steady pulse on the market.

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