About Us

Jeremy Bikman

Founder and CEO

Mountain biking ex-trucker. Jeremy was a former Partner and Executive Vice President at KLAS. He grew KLAS a ton while being a general pain in the neck. His goal is to burn the market research industry to the ground so something much better will emerge from the ashes.

Ally Jones

Lead Graphic Designer

Archaeologist-turned-artist, Ally handles peer60’s graphic design needs. One of her most coveted skills is her ability to photoshop dinosaurs (and other things) into profile pictures. When she’s not behind a screen, she spends most of her time reading, crafting, and wandering aimlessly in the wilderness.

Chris Jensen

Executive Vice President

I’m unconventional. I’m a left-hander who was told I should have been right-handed. I play the guitar, golf, and swing a bat right-handed. I eat, write, and throw the ball left-handed. I worked for 15 years first, and then decided to go to school. I wrote this in first person instead of pretending someone is writing about me.

Jordyn Crowley

Research and Reports Manager

Part-time princess with full-time sass. No, really—Jordyn moonlights as a Disney princess when she’s not coming up with something sarcastic to say. She aspires to one day do something more life-changing than breaking her 3 hour hula-hooping record (but what else is there, right?). For now, it’s peer60.

Jason Ayre

Director of Engineering

Thirsty Sandian. Ayre, as he’s affectionally known around the office, is a wicked-smart programmer with a deep-seated love for Pepsi Max. Bred in the Greater Salt Lake area, Ayre’s tenacity for innovation will excite and leave you begging for more.

Vyrak Bunleang

Senior Developer

Utahn born and raised.
A bald-raging coder that
Writes Haiku, ’nuff said.

Jake Alter

Director of Client Operations

Jake once ate pickled liver that had gone bad. Yes, pickled liver can go bad; he is certain of it. This is how dedicated Jake is to making people happy. Whether you’re a peer60 client, or the Babushka of a new Ukrainian friend he met gallivanting around Europe, it’s what makes him tick. When he’s not making people happy you’ll find him pretending he can climb or mountain bike in the beautiful Utah mountains or curled up with the latest Nicholas Sparks novel and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Oh, and he has 7+ years in client relations.

Brenlie Bagley

Graphic Designer

Not so secret lover of Texas, tacos, and cats. The day she found out “taco cat” is a palindrome was clearly one of the best days of her life. She loves art — Designing, drawing, singing, songwriting… She lives for it all. When she’s not creating, pudding fights, cardboard house constructing, and sledding down stairwells are some of her favorite past times. She can also neigh like a horse, REALLY well — but only her closest friends get the pleasure of hearing that.

Danny Brown

Smart Data Analyst

Data Jockey. Danny’s a Rocky Mountain musician and skier with an eye for the numbers. He worships at the dual altars of math and economics (he’s twisted like that) and takes care of peer60’s massive amounts of data – Big, Smart, ad infinitum.

Cassidy Ward

Client Operations

Utah-born, New England-raised, and an honorary Brazilian through marriage. Cassidy loves languages, cultures, and all kinds of people. A full tank of gas on a three-day weekend gives her the chills– her road tripping heart is always excited to meet new people in new places. She can keep anyone entertained; she once road-tripped with friends for 11 hours to beautiful Montana without turning on the radio because she had so many stories to tell. A fast-paced thinker and worker, she fits right in at peer60.

Trevor Slater

Junior Developer

Registered Nurse turned developer. Got a taste of IT in the hospital system and immediately knew he wanted to “pivot” into development. He has an obsession with solving complicated problems because it is uber gratifying. Too simplistic? Maybe, but it’s the truth. Ultimate life goal is to hang out with Elon Musk.

Chase Coppins

Smart Data Analyst

Having visited 17 countries and counting, Chase likes to think of himself as a part-time data analyst and full-time world explorer. He loves big cities, cold weather, and good old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll.

Mick Brown

Advisory Board

Biz dev pro. Mick has been a peer60 board member since 2013. He is currently the Vice President at National Decision Support Company. He is a top-performing sales and marketing executive with 15 years of experience in key positions focused on strategic business development at leading providers of health care technology and medical imaging solutions. As such, he was a natural choice to help lead peer60.

Rasu Shrestha, MD

Advisory Board

Rasu has been a peer60 board member since April 2015. Currently, Rasu leads the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center as Chief Innovation Officer. With over 15 years experience in healthcare, Rasu is an integral part of peer60’s leadership..

Drex DeFord

Advisory Board

Healthcare juggernaut, Drex has been an advisory board member with peer60 since April 2015. He is a senior healthcare executive with over 20 years of experience. He has worked for every type of organization out there including Government, Military, Academic, Research, VC, For-Profit, and Not-For-Profit. Drex’s experience make him an invaluable member of the peer60 team.

Howard Landa, MD

Advisory Board

HIT master and current CMIO at Alameda Health System, Howard has been on peer60’s advisory board since April 2015. He brings 20 years of healthcare experience to our team. He has a proven record of leveraging innovation, technical expertise and operational knowhow to deliver Healthcare Information Technology solutions. He is the recipient of several professional awards including Modern Healthcare’s top 25 Medical Informaticists award and is the Vice Chairman of AMDIS.

Tyler Page

Advisory Board

Tyler is the former VP of Marketing & Operations at peer60. He left the glory of running marketing and operations at peer60 to pursue the prestige of a PhD back east. Prior to his time with us, he started the marketing and public relations department at Qualtrics before falling in love with research and returning to school to do more of it. Tyler is a published academic, has taught research methods at BYU, and is caught for a while in the peer60 trajectory.