Meet The Team

Erik Westerlind

VP of Healthcare Markets

Erik hails from the “Windy City.” While there he almost dropped two glasses of ice-cold water on Michael Jordan. Shortly after, he traded skyscrapers for mountains and embraced Utah’s outdoor lifestyle – mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking, and rock climbing. After completing his MBA, Erik spent 4 years as a Senior Director for KLAS and then 4 years as a VP and Partner for Primary Intelligence. Erik loves helping clients achieve their business and strategy goals.

Brock Chambers

Director of Customer Success

This is Brock. Some call him Brock-steady while others call him Brocktoberfest, depending on the setting. He studied professional sales in school but turned to developing, finding it to be a passion of his. He enjoys the process of making something work and come to life. Considered one of the greatest outdoorsmen of this generation, you will often find him in the mountains hiking, camping or both. Also, he is a Star Wars nerd, but not a big fan of these “remakes.”

Erin Marshall

Database Analyst

Originally from Utah, Erin’s family moved to San Diego when she was 16—where she met her handsome husband. Needless to say, she now spends her holidays in paradise. If Erin had to choose her spirit animal, it would be a camel. It’s not worth asking why. When she isn’t at work or sleeping, you can find her at home, cooking elaborate meals (aka top ramen), watching TV with her husband (always with ice cream), or out discovering new places. She’s a complicated combination of left- and right-brained, as a statistician, musician, backpacker, organizer, decorator, and bargain-shopper. She has a passion for lazing around with family and partying at amusement parks.

Jake Alter

Product Manager

Jake once ate pickled liver that had gone bad. Yes, pickled liver can go bad; he is certain of it. This is how dedicated Jake is to making people happy. Whether you’re a Reaction client, or the Babushka of a new Ukrainian friend he met gallivanting around Europe, it’s what makes him tick. When he’s not making people happy you’ll find him pretending he can climb or mountain bike in the beautiful Utah mountains or curled up with the latest Nicholas Sparks novel and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Oh, and he has 7+ years in client relations.

Jason Ayre

VP of Engineering

Thirsty Sandian. Ayre, as he’s affectionally known around the office, is a wicked-smart programmer with a deep-seated love for Pepsi Max. Bred in the Greater Salt Lake area, Ayre’s tenacity for innovation will excite and leave you begging for more.

Taylor Madsen

Director of Marketing

Taylor Madsen.
6+ years of marketing experience.
Creates, designs, and distributes new content.
Likes to hike, bike, raft, ski, fish and golf.
Could eat chicken and rice for every meal.
Has lots of shoes…like 20 pairs…times 2….plus 9.
Taylor Madsen.

Jeremy Bikman

Founder and CEO

Mountain biking ex-trucker. Jeremy was a former Partner and Executive Vice President at KLAS. He grew KLAS a ton while being a general pain in the neck. His goal is to burn the market research industry to the ground so something much better will emerge from the ashes.

Al Harris


Born & raised in Ohio, Al moved to Utah to be closer to his first love, Mountain Biking. He put himself through college by wrenching on bikes. Al graduated first in his class from UVU, hung up his pedal wrench & picked up his calculator at Peterson & Associates, CPA. Soon he was managing all business client accounts. It was over their shared passion for mountain biking that Jeremy connected with Al, later inviting him to join the Reaction team. His love for mountain biking is only exceeded by his love for his classic BMWs.

Mark Wagner

VP of Accounts

Ever been to a national park in Utah? If so, you’ve probably crossed paths with Mark Wagner. Mark spent 7 years helping to grow the market research firm KLAS as a Senior Director. He’s healthcare savvy, quick witted, and everyone’s best friend. His qualities and experience made him a perfect fit to oversee accounts at Reaction Data. If he doesn’t answer your phone call, it’s probably because he’s repelling a 200ft cliff and doesn’t quite have a spare hand…leave a message, he’ll get back to you!

Graham Triggs

VP of Research

What happens when you grow up on the prairies of Saskatchewan and can’t skate? They deport you. Despite that, Graham considers himself The Great White North’s greatest export; Ryan Reynolds a distant second. Graham brings over 20 years’ experience in market research, data analysis, sales, and consulting experience to Reaction. He too worked at KLAS where he crossed paths with Bikman and Wagner. As a husband and father of four kids ranging in age from 22 to 8, Graham’s hobbies over the years have included justifying frivolous expenses, playing with Barbies, and attending Wiggles concerts.

Madeline Madsen

Art Director

Children’s books, fine art portraits, stop-motion films, collage art, digital illustrations, graphic design. With a background in pretty much everything, Madeline is our go-to when dealing with anything artistic around the office. When she’s not working…she’s still probably working on some piece of art or biking around the neighborhood.

Alex Orr

Software Developer

A Utah native with a brief stint in the Bay Area, Alex enjoys solving problems and learning new things. He likes programming because he gets to do both of those all the time. He is an optimist and idealist. As a Sunday Brunch enthusiast, aspiring globetrotter, and avocado advocate, he maintains that being a Millenial is a good thing. Alex’s three dogs ensure that he and his wife enjoy all the outdoor activities that Utah has to offer. Books, movies, and podcasts are his favorite ways to unwind.

Dan Dickson

Data Operations Analyst

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. If Dan had his own youtube channel, the daily broadcast would be of him showing off his rock-skipping skills at various lakes high in the mountains around the world. When he isn’t day-dreaming of this, or working extremely hard, he can be found bouldering at the climbing gym, longboarding down a canyon, or at home watching Netflix with a carton of Tillamook Fireside Smores. He’s a left-brained mathematician with a passion for analyzing, organization, and brainstorming creative solutions.


Mick Brown

Advisory Board

Biz dev pro. Mick has been a Reaction board member since 2013. He is currently the Vice President at National Decision Support Company. He is a top-performing sales and marketing executive with 15 years of experience in key positions focused on strategic business development at leading providers of health care technology and medical imaging solutions. As such, he was a natural choice to help lead Reaction.

Rasu Shrestha, MD

Advisory Board

Rasu has been a Reaction board member since April 2015. Currently, Rasu leads the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center as Chief Innovation Officer. With over 15 years experience in healthcare, Rasu is an integral part of Reaction’s leadership..

Drex DeFord

Advisory Board

Healthcare juggernaut, Drex has been an advisory board member with Reaction since April 2015. He is a senior healthcare executive with over 20 years of experience. He has worked for every type of organization out there including Government, Military, Academic, Research, VC, For-Profit, and Not-For-Profit. Drex’s experience make him an invaluable member of the Reaction team.

Howard Landa, MD

Advisory Board

HIT master and current CMIO at Alameda Health System, Howard has been on Reaction’s advisory board since April 2015. He brings 20 years of healthcare experience to our team. He has a proven record of leveraging innovation, technical expertise and operational knowhow to deliver Healthcare Information Technology solutions. He is the recipient of several professional awards including Modern Healthcare’s top 25 Medical Informaticists award and is the Vice Chairman of AMDIS.

Tyler Page

Advisory Board

Tyler is the former VP of Marketing & Operations at Reaction. He left the glory of running marketing and operations to pursue the prestige of a PhD back east. Prior to his time with us, he started the marketing and public relations department at Qualtrics before falling in love with research and returning to school to do more of it. Tyler is a published academic, has taught research methods at BYU, and is caught for a while in the Reaction trajectory.

Sean J. Moynihan

Advisory Board

As CIO of Virginia Urology, Sean joins the advisory board of Reaction bringing a wealth of experience with him. With over 15 years of HealthIT experience, he has served in leadership positions in academic medicine, led a consulting practice for a large consulting firm, and is now a CIO for a large specialty practice. This gives him a unique perspective in the healthcare industry.