Frequently Asked Questions

We have a fundamentally different business model than research firms. For starters, we are the only “Research as a Service” platform. Being a SaaS-based research ecosystem gives us the flexibility to perform more efficiently than research firms in three key metrics–total cost of research, speed to results and quantity of data. Traditional market research is slow, costly and often yields poor results.
We coined the term Research as a Service or “RaaS” to describe us–the first and only SaaS-based, enterprise research platform. Adopting an enterprise approach to research allows businesses to stay much closer to the market and their customers in three ways: SmartData, Customer Feedback and Active Research. More on these further down.
The Research Cloud is a full enterprise license to everything Reaction has to offer. It’s your one-stop solution for analyzing and compiling business data and market research. You can perform specific outreach to targeted audiences and use it for all your data mining and warehousing needs.
Our pricing is specific to the size and needs of each company we work with. Schedule a demo to see how much Reaction would cost for your company.
We’ve done such an incredible job explaining ourselves throughout the site that we just don’t need very many FAQs.