Big Mega HIT Purchasing Results

*Full Insights publishing 05/08/17

Similar to a kid in a candy store, providers count their coins and flock to the Healthcare IT market place. They have strict budgets, and must decide each year which technologies need to be purchased in order to compete.

Over the last three years, we have reached out to see which technologies providers will be investing in. In 2015, ICD-10 Migration, Population Health Management, and Patient Engagement were the top three investments that providers planned to make. In 2016 pop health and patient engagement remained a hot buy, but data security found its way to the top three.

On 05/08/17 DOWNLOAD our latest version of this Big Mega HIT Purchasing data that finds itself a new leader. 33% of providers said they were planning to purchase some sort of telemedicine solution in the coming year. The infographic also tells what other solutions are being considered, and which vendors are top of mind.

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