Patient Referrals and Self Scheduling

In most areas of business, the highest compliment, and greatest thanks a company can receive is a referral. That being the case, we used the Research Cloud to reach out and ask physicians and practice managers what factors are most important when determining where to refer patients. There were 1,348 respondents that gave their feedback, out of which, 74% were partners within their respective physician groups.

We asked six different questions to participants, the most informative being, “What are the most important factors in determining where to refer your patients?” In no particular order, the main responses were as follows:

• Value of association with health system brand
• Visibility into patient status and closed loop communication
• Patient preference
• Self-service (self-scheduling) options
• Known quality of care
• Health system loyalty
• ACO membership
• Convenience
• Shared mission/vision
• Streamlined authorization workflows

*Find out how these responses rank when we publish the full industry brief 05/29/17 HERE

Other insights that will be uncovered in this brief include:
• What percentage of your order volume goes to your top hospital partner(s)?
• What percentage of your referral volume goes to your top hospital partner(s)?
• How likely would you be to refer to a different hospital if they provided authorizations?
• How likely would you be to refer to a different hospital if they offered provider self-scheduling options?
• What are the most important self-scheduling features?

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, make sure to download the full industry brief when it’s published, and lastly, be sure to refer us to a friend!

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