3M M*Modal Acquisition – Customer and Market Insights

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3M recently announced their acquisition of the technology arm of M*Modal, potentially creating a powerful competitor in this space. In light of this, we wanted to know what the market, and customers, thought the impact would be. In the past few mergers and acquisitions, we’ve seen less than a third of customers believe the acquisitions will improve their experience. In this case, of the 180 respondents, 43% think this acquisition will have an overall positive impact – well above the average from our recent studies. Below you will find insights specifically about awareness, impact, likelihood of retention, and likelihood of new business, with greater detail in the SmartData section of our research platform.


Find out the level of customer and market awareness for this acquisition.


This acquisition had more of a positive tone than others we’ve studied…see what providers feel the impact will be.


Find out which customers plan to stick around, and which plan to leave.