Allscripts Acquisition of McKesson EIS

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In theory, M&As make a lot of sense, but the unintended consequences put what should be matches made in heaven at risk of going sideways. For example, how does a company, Allscripts in this case, avoid getting distracted from making meaningful improvements to their native products? With how unpopular acquisitions are among providers, how do you avoid making them feel like they play second fiddle to the bottom line? And, how do you integrate the two brands, solutions, and customers together?

Who Knew About The Acquisition?

Customers, as well as non-customers from both Allscripts and McKesson let us know their familiarity with the acquisition .

What is the General Mood?

Taking on another companies product and customers comes with its own set of challenges. Find out how providers feel this will impact them.

Now Compared to Then

Because of research we have previously gathered, we are able to track and trend customer satisfaction over time