The Big Mega HIT Purchasing Results | 2016

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As we’ve begun trending patterns in healthcare IT, one thing is clear–purchasing intentions are fluid. This does not mean we see a complete shake-up of priorities, but when any key element of this market, such as data security, rises from the bottom of the priority list to right near the top, it’s a trend that’s impossible to ignore.

The push past the basics of Meaningful Use towards value-based care is quickly becoming a national priority. These changes essentially pick the winners and losers among the different IT segments, with population health and patient engagement filling the vacuum left by an EHR market that is largely satiated. Which vendors are occupying the biggest space in the minds of top decision-making providers among the major HIT areas? This and more in the “BIG MEGA” of HIT insights.



Purchase Intentions from Top Decision-makers

Unearth the purchase intentions of the top dogs in management in the provider sphere.CEOs and CIOs account for over 50% of our survey respondents.

Purchase Trends Over Multiple Verticals

From Data Security to Enterprise Analytics and Population Health Management and more, explore which areas are gaining or losing importance in the purchasing minds of providers.

Vendor Badges

Discover which vendors are leading in mindshare in each vertical and which ones are gaining ground. Who earned badges this time around?

Growth Opportunities

See providers’ plans and get a glimpse into which replacement markets could spell big opportunity for vendors.