Brexit: Where are my NHS funds? | 2016

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Britain’s Brexit vote captivated the globe with strong claims about the consequences of the United Kingdom leaving the EU. “Remain” advocates argued there would be a number of negative financial consequences for operating in the UK, while “leave” advocates openly advertised that money saved could be sent straight into the National Health Service (see front cover).

Now that Brexit is a reality, we decided to find out what the people in the best place to know really think will happen to the NHS as a result. We asked and received direct feedback from 238 hospital leaders in 129 acute trusts about the consequences of Brexit. These results detail feedback from 73% of NHS hospital trusts. A big public thanks is in order for our participants and their overwhelming support of this research.

Brexit Graph 1Brexit Graph 2


Perceived Impact of Brexit on the NHS

How do NHS healthcare leaders feel Brexit will affect them? Let’s just say the outlook is not positive.

The Success or Failure of Brexit Comes Down to the Pounds

The “Leavers” suggested massive savings could be passed on to the NHS from parting ways with the EU. Healthcare providers are not buying it.

Adequate Staffing & IT Spending Could Become Problematic

While perception is not necessarily reality when it comes to how NHS providers view the impacts of Brexit on healthcare, there is a possibility that this becomes a self-fulfilled prophecy. What happens when you feel lean times are coming? A reactionary tightening of the belt.