Cerner and Amazon Partnership – Market Reaction

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With so much digital disruption taking root in healthcare (for example, Epic’s partnership with Apple), it was only a matter of time before two of the larger scale players partnered together. Cerner and Amazon signing a long-term strategic partnership is one of those newsworthy events that typically demands attention.

To that point, we engaged with various c-suite individuals from provider organizations around the country to get their thoughts on the Cerner/AWS partnership. How many are familiar with the announcement, what are their opinions of it, advice on how Cerner should handle it, among other insights.


We always like to see how well informed the market is on hot trending topics. Overtime it’s obvious the awareness increases, but we look to engage with provider leadership within weeks of big announcements.


Regardless of their awareness level, we educate (or remind) individuals of what’s taking place, and look to get their initial opinion on the matter. Find out what people think of this specific announcement.

Direct Commentary

Of course, no study of this nature would be complete without hearing directly from your peers. We include exact quotes from those who engaged with us on this topic in our Research Cloud.