Clinical Decision Support – 2018

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We’ve all heard our fair share of horror stories from someone who is prescribed the wrong medication, or even misdiagnosed. While we’re all a little weary of computers taking over the world, they can certainly provide an added level of peace to both patients and physicians.

Clinical decision support (CDS) systems are used to help providers make better and quicker decisions at the point of care. Like most technologies, their useful and convenient abilities do not come without their own list of struggles. Many companies will employ a stand-alone CDS solution, and while they are great at what they do, can be hard to integrate with the provider’s EHR.

Current CDS Usage

How many respondents even have a current CDS solution? And those that do, to what extent are they utilizing their solution(s)?

How do customers feel?

100+ Direct quotes from customers, including titles, and currently used vendor.

Imaging Data

Though this report was focused on the clinical side, we also pull in data from our imaging CDS report last year.

Market Presence

See which vendors are being used most. Some are using their current EHR vendor’s solution, while others have purchased a full CDS solution.