CMS Appropriate Use Mandate for Image Ordering

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There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned government mandate to make a market interesting. What was already a growth market of HIT, the mandate has supercharged, with two-thirds of radiology providers planning to pick up a solution before the end of the year. As a result, there are only two categories of suppliers in this space, winners and WINNERS. Download this industry brief to see more about provider’s plans and which vendors are poised to capitalize on the windfall the most.

What is the likelihood CMS will keep its current deadline?

Providers share whether or not they believe the deadline for Appropriate Use Criteria via Clinical Decision Support will remain on 1/11/18.

Who is already on board with CDS?

See how many organizations currently use CDS. For those who don’t, find out when they plan to adopt.

Which CDS suppliers are winning?

Get a pulse on the current market with supplier ratings, market presence, and the CDS replacement market.