Community Hospital EHR | 2015

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Thanks to the HITECH Act, the Affordable Care Act, and the introduction of federal Meaningful Use guidelines, the EHR market in the United States has grown exponentially over the last 6 years. Given this trend, the U.S. is expected to remain the largest EHR market globally, and will total $9.3 billion by the end of this year. However, this has not been particularly good for community hospitals. As consolidation continues, more documentation is required by physicians, which places a strain on providers’ time and causes frustration when EHR systems do not meet workflow needs. To make a long story short, within this tangled mess of regulations and the many solution offerings lies the opportunity for vendors to make it big, while also saving their clients money.


Graph: EHR Challenges in Community Hospitals EHR in Community Hospitals | 2015 Graph

Stage 2 Attestation is well underway

While 53% of providers have attested for stage 2 meaningful use, a sizable portion of hospitals said they are still in the middle of attesting.

Challenges facing current EHR solutions

Providers identified their biggest concerns vendors should be aware of regarding their EHR solutions

EHR vendors leading in mindshare

Which vendors are being considered as hospitals upgrade or migrate to new solutions?

Consolidation continues to shape the landscape for community hospitals

In this study 7% of hospitals were currently undergoing a merger or acquisition
, which will continue to create churn in the marketplace for EHR solutions.