Lessons Learned from The COVID-19 Crisis

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COVID-19 is here and, in some respects, it’s everywhere. Its impact, on nearly every aspect of society, is practically unprecedented. Because of this, we wanted to know how healthcare providers are dealing with this crisis, what are they learning, and what steps can be realistically taken to (much) better handle a similar pandemic in the future. 

Physicians, nurses, and other pertinent healthcare leaders from 260 organizations provided insights and information for this research.

Vendor Support
From EHR vendors to suppliers of critical medical products, this report uncovers which vendors and suppliers are coming through and which are leaving hospitals in the lurch.

Government Help
Hospitals and clinics are desperate for help and guidance and need to rely on government agencies to help. This research looks at which agencies (state and federal) are helping the most and which aren’t.

Lessons Learned
Besides many other important research areas in this report, the most critical may be the direct comments from physicians, nurses, department heads, and other leaders. There are vital lessons to be learned.