Data Analytics in Healthcare | 2016

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The world has embraced the power and importance of analytics, but we’re all still trying to wrap our collective head around the top methods, best practices, and tools needed to get every bit of value out of our data. So now the tricky part: How do we analyze it? Which solutions do we use? How well do they work? This analysis is focused on these questions. More than 200 applicable hospital leaders gave their input.



The replacement market

Each market has its own leaders and niches — and each has a robust replacement (or upgrade) market and a plethora of potential first-time buyers.

Net Promoter Scores

There is a huge disparity between the top performing companies and poor performing companies — and we normally do not see gaps this big within the same industry. There are suppliers that are beloved by their customers, and there are suppliers that are really struggling.

The whole enchilada —

Our findings document the main aspects of the analytics market: Dashboards (data visualization software), data warehousing, consulting firms with analytics practices and enterprise analytics (as in all of the above).