Deconstructed PACS vs. Single Vendor

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For the past 4 years we’ve been collecting data on what configuration of core radiology IT solutions (PACS, VNA, Web Viewer) radiology and medical imaging leadership prefer to use in their departments. During this time we’ve received input from over 900 organizations including 164 just last month (October 2019).

This industry brief is both a look in the rear view mirror (what is being done now) as well as being a view out the front window (what radiology departments will be doing in the future). In addition, it covers what vendors are being replaced and which competitors will be winning at their expense.

Ideal Configuration?

Is there an ideal vendor mix for Radiology IT Solutions? If so, what is it, and does the ideal mix align with where the industry is heading?

Vendor Landscape

See which vendors are being used most by hospitals in single vendor approaches versus best-of-breed.

Emerging Technology

Every year we do this study we like to see what tech organizations are planning to acquire.