eClinicalWorks Settlement

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The eClinicalWorks settlement had the Health IT world buzzing for a few days, but what long-term ripple effects will this have in healthcare? In our latest industry brief (which you can download below), we tap into our network leaders in outpatient facilities to discover the implications and received direct feedback from over 100 respondents about their familiarity with the settlement, the impact on the future relationship of current eCW clients and non-clients skepticism about their own EHR suppliers.

Are providers aware of the settlement?

We found some surprising similarities with how familiar both customers and non-customers of eCW were about the settlement.

How will this impact future relationships?

Find out if eClinicalWorks customers are stampeding for the door or will stay the course.

What is the net impact of the settlement for all EHR suppliers?

Providers are now more skeptical of all EHR suppliers, but how much?