EHR Satisfaction According To Physicians

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A great way to start an argument is to bring up the topic of an EHR (electronic health record) with a physician, but you’d never know it if you looked at almost any EHR report in the industry. That’s because the research in those reports comes from CIOs and other IT leadership. And while these individuals are certainly bright people with good intentions, they don’t have to use an EHR in their daily work schedule and as such their motivations are materially different than are the end users EHRs were intended for – i.e. physicians. That being the case, we decided to focus our research on just physician feedback on EHRs.

Physician Demographics

With 889 physicians participating in this study, there’s a lot of demographics to keep straight…org type, bed count, revenue, specialty, it all gets broken down

Replacement Rates

We take a look at which vendors are currently being used among the 889 participants, and how many of them are looking to replace their vendor. We also uncover who stands to win the replacement business.

Sweet Spot

One size does NOT fit all. Rather than lump all satisfaction scores in the same bucket, we look at the specific demographics of each vendor’s happiest customers.