Health System Brand Reputation | 2016

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To some, perception is everything; the public’s opinion of a brand can be what drives in new patients (read: customers) or puts the nail in the coffin. But to others, only feedback from actual patients or referring providers is what matters; those who have experience and are familiar with the organization can best judge it. Throughout these market insights, we consider the impact of brand reputation on top healthcare provider organizations. Which organizations are loved and which ones have work to do?

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Highest Quality of Care at the Most Sustainable Cost

When participants were asked what healthcare system came to mind as a model for delivering high quality medical care at sustainable costs, their open-ended responses surprised us. Of course a few big name systems are topping the list, but some lesser known providers are obviously up-and-coming.

Most Innovative Health Systems

Our participants elaborated on why they chose certain providers as “highest quality of care at the most sustainable costs” and several organizations emerge as the cream of the crop in terms of innovation.  What reasons did participants give for choosing these organizations?

Organization Hot Seat

The familiarity and favorability ratings of six specific health systems are broken down in depth. What titles are asking “who?” and which ones are joining the cheer squad?