Healthcare Data Security | 2015

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It’s estimated that the cost of data breaches in the healthcare industry could be as much as $5.6 billion annually…yes, billion with a “b”. Combine this with government requirements for securing patient information, it’s no wonder that data security is no joke to top-level hospital decision-makers.

In our latest study, hospital CIOs, security directors and VPs detailed what concerns them most about health information security. In 10 days we received incredible feedback from nearly 200 top-level decision-makers using our Reaction engagement platform. Discover the key insights every data security vendor must know to stay relevant in the healthcare market.



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Obstacles to securing healthcare data

Find out the top hurdles preventing hospitals from securing IT environments. Specifically, how much of this problem lies with data security solutions?

Data security priorities for the next 12 months

We asked hospital IT decision-makers what areas of data security they will be focusing on and discovered eight priorities. How could this insight influence your marketing efforts?

Who are the mindshare leaders in healthcare data security?

Yes, we asked which data security vendors hospitals across the country are using and tallied up the market leaders. Where do you fall in the pack?

Who are the mind share leaders in healthcare data security?

Combine mind share with market share and you get a pretty compelling insight into which vendors are rising up the ranks as market leaders.