Healthcare Disruption

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The healthcare IT landscape continues to change. One minute you’re convinced the world is round and then a series of new technological advancements, entrants into the market, and mergers and acquisitions give it the appearance of being flat. Then news breaks and it becomes a Rubik’s cube with twists and turns so complex it’s unclear if you’ll ever be able to solve it.

Because of the flurry of activity in the last few months, Reaction Data went out to provider organizations and garnered feedback from nearly a hundred leaders. In this brief, we find out which companies these leaders think will have the biggest impact on healthcare and why. We also look at some of the areas the key players are trying to break into.

Who are the disruptors?

It seems like every week there’s a new press release about some major company deciding to enter the healthcare landscape. We look to see who providers feel will have the biggest impact.

What are the disruptions?

Each company brings a unique skillset and offering to the market. There’s lots of new technologies both from the new entrants, and current healthcare IT vendors, but which technologies will have real impact?

Mergers and Acquisitions?

With all these changes, companies need to find a way to stay relevant. For some that means being part of a merger or acquisition…so we asked what provider’s plans are for the future.