Healthcare IT Trends in the UK — Who’s Winning & Losing | 2016

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As we revisited the topic of clinical IT from one year ago (2015), a simple question keeps resurfacing: Are electronic patient records (EPR) having a meaningful impact in healthcare? And if so, does this positive impact outweigh the expense and added complexity to providers’ efforts of delivering care? In our latest findings on the EPR market, we take a close look at the top issues facing NHS trust leaders, EPR and PAS replacement rates (and the suppliers poised to win or lose as a result), and perceptions of HIT suppliers making the greatest impact in the UK.

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Top issues facing NHS trust leaders

HINT: Brexit is definitely crashing the party.

PAS and EPR replacement rates

Which suppliers are in danger of getting replaced? And which suppliers are poised to win and lose as a result?

Prominence of suppliers among Vanguard sites

We were curious to see if there were trends within the Vanguard Sites in terms of preferred suppliers—and sure enough, there’s definitely a shortlist.