HIStalk Research: Epic – The Cold Hard Facts

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Everyone in healthcare IT has an opinion about Epic. For some, their perception is based on actual interaction; for others, queue the rumor mill and conspiracy theorists. So, where’s the truth? In conversation with Tim over at HIStalk, he hatched the idea of reaching out to Epic customers to settle the matter once and for all…no more hearsay or conjecture. Through our Reaction research ecosystem, Tim was able to quickly engage directly with Epic customers to find out the cold hard facts. Because this research was “off the record,” study participants shared their experiences, both good and bad about the vendor many perceive to be the most elite in healthcare IT. You can still love Epic…or hate them, but after this read, opinions are irrelevant.

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Firsthand experience from Epic-using providers

Caregiver and technology leadership among Epic-using facilities have different opinions but the margin may surprise you…or not.

How often do Epic installations experience cost overruns?

CFOs at Epic hospitals gave their two cents and there is a disparity between the frequency of overruns and whether or not CFOs would choose Epic again.

How satisfied are Epic customers overall?

Epic customers obviously have a favorable view of their vendor but is the picture as rosy as many are led to believe? This research has a few surprises.

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