Hospital Brand Equity

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Near the end of 2016, we organized a study to determine results about brand recognition and reputation among the top hospital organizations throughout the US. Because of such an exciting response, and increased interest from the market, we decided to do follow-up research and see what might have changed since then. Throughout the brief you can see how the two studies compare and spot the trends.

Equity Peer Review

This report is different than most we do, in that it’s not customer based. We wanted to look at brand equity (recognition & reputation) from the viewpoint of peers in the industry.

Top Hospital Organizations

We asked respondents to write in which hospital organizations came to mind as a leader for innovation, thought leadership, and high quality care at a sustainable cost.

Brand Recognition

From there, we wanted to know just how well-known the top five hospital organizations were among peers in the industry.

Brand Reputation

More important than simply knowing how recognizable you are, is understanding what your peers think of you. This report also looks at how favorable respondents’ opinions are of the respective hospital organizations.