What Hospitals Plan to Buy in 2015

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Over a three week period, we used our enterprise data platform (Reaction) to find out. We reached out to healthcare leaders and asked about their purchase intentions in 2015. We received feedback from over 950 decision-makers representing over a quarter of all hospitals in the United States. Over 80% of these hospital leaders were C-level executives with the remainder still having titles like Vice President, Department Head or Director. The sample represents approximately 25% of the US Healthcare system.

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ICD-10 migration

Nearly 60% of all hospital leaders said their facility will address ICD-10 in the coming year. That makes it the most purchased product/service for 2015 in the study.

Population Health Management

Population Health Management is the most likely purchase for hospitals with more than 250 beds. It is also a wide open market where no vendor has established itself as a dominant force.

Renewal rates

Which products have a strong replacement market? Which ones are relatively safe for existing contracts? Our data gives a breakdown by product line. Vendors can ask for their personal renewal rates as well.

Hospital size

Breakdowns by hospital size show which vendors are appealing to which hospitals. This allows for a better picture of where vendors are succeeding or failing.