Hottest Trends in Medical Imaging IT (UK)

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We reached out to imaging and IT providers from NHS trusts across the United Kingdom to find out how they feel about their current PACS suppliers, which suppliers they think are having the greatest impact in medical imaging, and where these suppliers need to improve to stay in their good graces. The insights are pretty clear… some suppliers are exceeding their clients’ expectations while a few are on the chopping block.



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Provider recommendation scores of PACS suppliers

How well are PACS suppliers meeting the needs of NHS trusts across the United Kingdom?

PACS suppliers having the greatest impact in healthcare…or not

A handful of PACS suppliers are viewed as having a significant impact in healthcare, while others are not. Find out where these suppliers fall and why.

Supplier recognition

Find out which suppliers are deserving of recognition by staying close to their customers and the market.

Areas of needed improvement

Find out where PACS suppliers are most deficient in meeting providers’ needs.