IBM Acquiring Merge Healthcare

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Merge Healthcare is no stranger to acquisitions. However, they’re used to being on the receiving end by acquiring companies such as, eMed, Cedara, Amicas, Emageon, Camtronics, and recently, DR Systems. So, it’s no stretch to say that many of Merge customers are being carried into uncharted waters as their imaging-sharing vendor is about to be gobbled up by acquisition giant—IBM.

How do Merge customers feel this change will impact them and how does the healthcare provider market at large view the news? We asked both groups and received some interesting feedback.


IBM-Merge AcquisitionMerge customer perception of IMB acquisition

How do Merge clients view the acquisition?

Overall, the acquisition news is collectively viewed as what we would call “slightly positive, with risks.” Time will tell.

What will Merge clients do now?

In the wake of the announcement, will Merge clients expand their use of Merge’s solutions, stay the course or pull back? Download the data for a complete visual breakdown.

Will the acquisition news attract more clients?

The healthcare provider market had plenty to say as well. What is the likelihood Merge will pick up additional clients as a result of the acquisition?


How do radiology, CIO’s and IT personnel view the news?

Merge must maintain favorability among both solution users and decision-makers. Does the acquisition news alter their position in the hearts and minds of these two key groups?