Ideal Approach to Radiology IT

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The rumors of PACS death have been greatly exaggerated. PACS has been, and still is, very much the hub of the radiology department. Radiology continues to be the early adopter of technology in most hospitals. Efficiency is key.

Many trends have emerged over time – some have faded quickly while others have take hold and had a long-lasting impact. One of the latest is the notion of Deconstructed PACS which at its core is a best-of-breed approach. So in essence, use different solutions (PACS, VNA, Viewers) from multiple vendors than go with a single-source vendor approach. There’s been a lot of buzz about this new model but is it one that will be applied across the industry or is it ideal for a specific type of healthcare institution?

Current Approach

See the approach to radiology IT that our 300 respondents are currently using, as well as 3 years worth of trended data.

Preferred Approach

Regardless of what their current approach to medical imaging is, we asked what providers’ preferred approach would be in an ideal world.

Replacement Rates

This study contains the replacement rates among our respondents, also broken out by single-source vs. best-of-breed.

Vendors Used

See which vendors are being used most for PACS, VNA, and viewers. We also have vendor usage broken out by single-source and best-of-breed.

Customer Comments

See what a few customers have to say about their imaging vendor, and why they may or may not be satisfied.