Ideal Imaging Configuration | 2016

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Few areas in healthcare are a tug-of-war more than the bitter feud between enterprise and best of breed imaging. Yes, we’re being dramatic and no there isn’t really a “bitter feud”. However, both groups hold strong opinions on the topic. In our latest imaging insights, we gathered feedback from 276 top decision-makers among care organizations across North America. What are their opinions on the subject, are they satisfied with their current imaging strategy and what solutions are they planning to replace?




Preferred Imaging Approach

Enterprise or deconstructed PACS? Providers weigh in on which strategy they feel is most effective compared to their current configuration.

Imaging Solution Net Promoter Scores

How are imaging suppliers viewed in the eyes of their clients? What happens to those ratings when the supplier is contracted for an enterprise imaging strategy compared to a piecemeal approach?

Imaging Replacement Market

In the replacement market shuffle, we identify the suppliers most likely to gain the most new business and others that are most at risk of losing contracts.