Ideal Medical Imaging Trends | 2017

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Current trends in radiology imaging are shifting at a rapid rate. The past few years have seen a bit of a shift where organizations using a one-stop shop approach for imaging solutions have begun considering a best-of-breed (deconstructed PACS) strategy instead. There hasn’t been a tectonic shift in this direction as of yet but there’s been enough “noise” to make the industry pay attention. While some organizations embrace the benefits of using multiple vendors, others prefer the accountability and relationship growth of a single vendor. This brief consolidates data received from 269 imaging professionals ranging in roles from Imaging and Radiology Directors to radiologists, and analyzes the companies they are using in order to better understand these shifts.

Imaging Trends

What are the trends in medical imaging? Our sample of data shows that what radiologists want, is not actually what they are getting…

Customer Satisfaction

Net Promoter Scores are a gold standard in the industry when looking at customer satisfaction. We look at different companies’ scores compared to the sample average, and what those scores could mean.

Who is Winning Business?

Overall replacement rates tell one thing, but the important question becomes, “Who is winning that replacement business?” Each vendor broken out shows how much of the replacement market they stand to win compared to the others.