Image Sharing | 2015

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Image sharing among and across healthcare systems continues to be the brunt of jokes about living in the Dark Ages and prehistoric dinosaurs. Yes, many hospitals are still using CDs to share digital images. Consult a history book for more information about this ancient technology. Fortunately, existing technology is enabling vendors to provide cloud-based solutions that makes image sharing a whole new experience. The downside is there are a number of different technology options that don’t play nice with one another and the marketplace has not yet settled on one solution. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for vendors as they pry healthcare’s cold hard grip on CDs.


Graph: Which departments have the greatest need for medical image sharing? Graph: Ideal technology to handle image sharing

Radiology has the greatest need for image sharing

Hospital decision-makers rated radiology departments (96%) as having the greatest need for image sharing among all departments.

CD exchange still viewed as viable

1 in 6 hospitals still view the exchange of CDs as a viable means of sharing images.

Mindshare leaders

Which vendors have the greatest share of the market and which vendors are being considered as hospitals consider upgrading or migrating to new solutions?

PACS technology & cloud networks are ideal

When asked which technology is ideal for imaging sharing, hospital decision-makers overwhelmingly selected PACS and Cloud technology (both 68%) as the best fit.