IT Infrastructure Trends in Medical Imaging | 2015

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With all the changes and challenges facing healthcare IT today (think outcomes-based reimbursement models, BYOD, securing patient data) many organizations are being forced to evaluate the backbone of their IT ecosystem. What is the best way to manage systems going forward?

According to our latest insights, the majority of hospitals are implementing software on their own hardware rather than purchasing a turnkey solution. What are the advantages and disadvantages to each approach? Which vendors do hospitals prefer to work with? Will the market ultimately move toward or away from the turnkey approach? The answers to these questions and high level data on some of the European market are found within these insights collection from Reaction.


Graph: Implementation PreferencesImaging IT Infrastructure

Clear winners in vendor mind share

Certain hardware vendors and integrators stick out among hospital favorites. Who’s on their radar?

Advantages to implementing software themselves

Providers identified advantages and disadvantages to implementing software on their own hardware.

Popularity vs. appeal of turnkey approach

The data shows that turnkey solutions are appealing to a lot of providers, so why are many hospitals not using this approach?

Also in the data: European hospital preferences

Data on the European market shows specific preferences in regards to infrastructure purchases and respective plans for future purchases.