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Interoperability’s time has come…at least according to this study of 350 medical professionals. It’s becoming so important to improving healthcare overall that it’s being brought up in Congress and is making news in many of the largest news sources on the planet (WSJ, Fortune, Forbes, HIStalk). Case in point, the cause of IT systems interoperability has recently been taken up by non-profits like the CommonWell Health Alliance and even the federal government (which is the biggest non-profit of them all).

This study looks into the minds of healthcare professionals, gleaning their opinions and insights about what interoperability will specifically do to improve healthcare and how they feel it can be best implemented.


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We used our Reaction platform to gather data from VP’s of Quality, CNOs, CIOs, CMOs, and other key hospital leaders.

Improve experience

More than 90% of healthcare leaders feel that interoperability will improve the overall experiences of patients and clinicians alike. Wow.

Federal government

A bare majority (51%) of healthcare providers feel that the federal government is the best vehicle to make interoperability a reality


Some of those closest to fiscal and clinical outcomes are more skeptical than the rest of the medical community. Nurses were more skeptical about improved clinical outcomes while COO’s and IT Directors were more skeptical about improved fiscal outcomes.