Machine Learning In Medical Imaging

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Machine Learning (an exciting sector of the artificial intelligence universe) is garnering an enormous amount of attention in every industry, and healthcare certainly is no exception. Almost every analyst firm, think tank, advisory outfit worth its salt states that AI, and specifically machine learning, is here to stay. More to the point, there are dozens of new companies claiming machine learning acumen especially in the field of medical imaging. At RSNA 2017 the most prevalent topic was machine learning and how much of an impact it will really have on the practice of medicine and on the business of healthcare overall.

Adoption Rate

In every market you will have early adopters. Machine learning is no different. We look at which organizations have already adopted this new technology, and how long others plan to take before jumping in.


Whether someone has already adopted machine learning at their facility, or they plan to, we want to know which areas ML will be applied to the most.


We found it very interesting that when providers were asked who they think offers machine learning, their answers did not match up to those companies currently being used the most.