McKesson/Change Healthcare Merger

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“All companies will need to merge to survive the future.” That is just one of many qualitative responses we received from providers giving us their thoughts on the merger between McKesson and Change Healthcare. Find out what else providers have to say about these two companies becoming one. The Reaction Research Cloud has data from 146 respondents detailing all aspects of the merger. Check it out.

McKesson/Change or Something Else?Qualitative Responses

How connected are McKesson/Change Healthcare customers?

Find out how many customers even knew the merger was taking place.

Providers, tell us how you really feel about the merger?

Providers weigh in and give their true thoughts on how they feel about the merger.

Does this merger make these two companies more or less desirable?

Customers and non customers share whether or not they feel they are more likely to go with the newly combined company.