Medical Image Sharing | 2016

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CDs are dead (and have been for sometime), point-to-point VPNs may be losing steam, except in critical situations such as trauma cases, and cloud-based image sharing is all the rage. However, while the vast majority of healthcare providers know cloud-based sharing is the future, there are holdouts, namely the mega large hospitals. So, which vendors are winning the war of market share and mindshare in this space? We’ve got the skinny.

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Image Sharing Replacement Market

Replacement markets are blood sports…not for the faint of heart. However, life or death often depends on whether or not a vendor can hang in these hostile conditions. We asked providers and they told us, who they have, whether or not they are seriously considering a switch and who they are most likely to choose. This is a match you won’t want to miss.


Image Sharing Vendor Recommendation Ratings

With a variety of technologies and vendors in the image sharing space, we find out directly from top-level providers which vendors hold their hearts. From vendors with large install bases to smaller newcomers, who is making a lasting impression? Hint, it isn’t always the most established vendors.

Ideal Image Sharing Technology

CDs are dead as of a number of years ago and point-to-point VPNs and of course cloud-based solutions own the image sharing universe now but which of these two techs are gaining ground and does the other have room to adapt or pivot?