Into the Minds of the C-Suite | 2015

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The hospital c-suite faces an ever-changing landscape of unrelenting government regulations, shifting population demographics and continuing industry consolidation. For those that lead smaller hospitals, it’s a constant struggle to live in this environment and play by the same rules as the cash-flush, mega hospitals, while executives at these larger facilities have the added pressure of being a “big business” with the dimension of mergers and acquisitions. Amid all of these “lesser activities,” these leaders still feel tasked with and find time to make meaningful and disruptive improvements in healthcare today.

In just two weeks we received feedback from 336 c-level executives across the country that represent critical access and ambulatory facilities to 1,000+ bed mega hospitals. In this analysis we dive into the minds of the hospital c-suite to find out what keeps them up at night (hello, migration to value-based reimbursements), the direction they’re taking their organizations, which enterprise clinical IT vendors control market share among hospitals both large and small, and who they feel is most influential and innovative in healthcare today.

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Top challenges facing c-level healthcare providers

We received direct feedback from c-level executives within 320 hospitals across the country regarding the challenges that most need to be addressed within their individual organizations. In this analysis, we address: Top Challenges Overall, Top Challenges Segmented by Title, and Top Challenges Segmented by Hospital Size.

Provider mergers & acquisitions

What good is healthcare data without some in depth coverage on perhaps the most constant variable in healthcare? Outwardly, healthcare is a “come and be healed” industry, but behind the scenes, it’s survival of the fittest: eat or be eaten.

Opinions on most innovative companies

We asked our c-level community what organizations they view as the most innovative. By requesting an open text response to this question, the feedback was diverse, ranging from the expected to the more novel.

Market share trends in enterprise clinical IT solutions

Looking at all hospital sizes, as a whole, is a good place to start a discussion about market share. However, the context of segmentation by hospital size is necessary to uncover the real trends in market share among enterprise clinical IT vendors. We break it down by “Overall Trends in Market Share” and “Market Share Segmented by Hospital Size.”