Blurring the Lines

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Over the past few years, mergers and acquisitions in healthcare have noticeably increased in frequency. Providers have been purchasing other providers, vendors purchasing other vendors, and even payers or their parent organizations purchasing providers and vendors alike. Examples include Aetna acquiring Healthagen, Humana’s home health purchase of Kindred at Home, and recently, Optum’s acquisition of The Advisory Board. (Optum is owned by UnitedHealth Group, which also owns UnitedHealthcare).

A Future trend?

This particular report looks at not only the impact of this recent acquisition, but potential effects of more and more payer organizations purchasing these type of companies.

Will purchasing trends change?

Our data suggests that an overwhelming number of people (+75%) would change the types of projects they engage in if their tech/analytics vendor was acquired by a payer org.

Sharing Hesitations?

42% of respondents said if this type of acquisition happened to them, they would be hesitant to share patient information…However, even at 42%, patient info isn’t the number one cause of sharing concerns.