Outpatient EHR Replacement

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The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said “The only thing that is constant is change.” Well, when it comes to healthcare, we’ve got change in spades. In recent years, we’ve witnessed a spate of provider consolidation and healthcare technology company consolidation. Provider organizations know better than anyone that consolidation is just one of many forces pushing provider orgs to spend or even re-spend on their technology solutions. We wanted to know which technologies providers are considering, which solutions they may be replacing and why.

This data reflects feedback solely from ambulatory provider organizations, without regard for practice size or specialty.

Solution Replacements

Which solutions do providers plan on replacing over the next 18 months?

Why Providers are Replacing

Lack of functionality, price, negative experiences, find out what other reasons are cause for replacement among providers

Most Important Factors Providers Look for

When it comes to choosing a solution there’s a wide variety of things to consider. See which issues are top of mind for providers when shopping around.