Patient Engagement

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Patient Engagement is an ever-increasing topic of discussion within healthcare. The problem, like with any hyped technology, is everyone has a different view of what patient engagement actually is. Some think it has to do with wearables and personal health, others might think it’s how to get a one-time follow-up survey after an appointment, or even ongoing interaction between patients and physicians. What makes it tricky is that it’s kind of a combination of all of those things.


There’s a lot of discussion around what patient engagement actually is, and how important it will be. Based on the leadership from this study…it’s pretty important.

Engaging With Patients

This study also looks to uncover how and why patient engagement, or in this case patient feedback, should be carried out.

Trended Data

Aside from the direct results contained in this specific study, we bring in past engagements from provider leadership to trend adoption rates over time.