Patient Portals

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Patient engagement is arguably the most crucial element of true healthcare reform. In fact, many key industry influencers believe it is the Holy Grail of healthcare. So it’s not surprising that many healthcare provider organizations cried foul with the 10% patient engagement threshold originally mandated in Stage 2 of Meaningful Use. The pushback against the 10% level was so intense and persistent that the 10% requirement was reduced to 5%.

Because there is so much energy and trepidation around patient engagement, we decided to use our Smart Data platform to gather critical information over a recent three week period to get to the bottom of this critical issue.

Based upon this very current data, it is indeed possible to meet the engagement requirement though only a small percentage of providers are currently doing it.


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Over 200 Chief Medical Officers, CIO’s, and other relevant decision makers representing approximately 190 unique facilities.

Size matters

Larger hospitals are more likely to succeed at the requirement than smaller providers.


Many solutions contain serious limitations that could lead providers to violate state laws or limit the engagement of parents or minors

Not looking

One of the most surprising bits of data from this analysis is the sheer number of hospitals that aren’t even looking for a solution to engage patients.