Physician Burnout

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“If things don’t change, I am taking early retirement.” That was the sentiment from a physician in a Midwestern hospital. Sadly, she’s not alone. When posed with the question as to what is causing burnout, several physicians told us the solution was retirement. Others expressed passion about fixing a broken system. Reaction heard from over 250 physicians across the nation to find out what is causing them stress and, more importantly, what they would prescribe to heal it.

Face to Face

The underlying theme from physicians’ main areas of frustration was anything that takes time and attention away from them treating their patients.

No One is Safe

It didn’t matter which EHR a physician was using, or which payers they would accept, physicians are frustrated with too much computer time, and being told how they can treat their patients.

What’s the Solution?

Some physicians told us their solution to all of these frustrations is early retirement. Others provided more constructive advice on how the problem can be solved. The bottom line however, is change.