Physicians’ Take on EHR | 2016

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For years, politicians have pitched the move to EHR as some sort of magic elixir that would solve all of America’s healthcare problems. Less than a decade after the HITECH Act sought to stimulate investment into Healthcare IT, EHRs have become a regular feature of American medicine; but problems still remain. These findings subject the EHR market to a demanding physical examination from the often ignored frontline users–physicians. We take the temperature of current customers, to see how happy they are with their supplier, send them through a full body CT scan to determine strengths (if any) and weaknesses, and even have them turn their heads and cough, to discover painful problems that are holding back this market from truly meeting real needs an EHR platform ought to be addressing.



Top EHR frustrations among physicians

Most physicians are highly dissatisfied with their EHR. Frustrations are primarily driven by poor usability and lack of desired functionality, but is there more to the story?

How EHR suppliers can save at risk clients

Is there a magic word that can bring dead hope back to life? For the sake of several vendors who are about to be replaced, we better hope so.

Plans of the ever-shrinking first-time adopter market

Herein lies significant opportunity: first-time adopters have given it some thought, and some have already decided on an EHR supplier.

Suppliers Covered: