Epic vs. ChipSoft: Pulse of the Dutch EPR Market

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In June, we leveraged the peer60 research platform to explore the dynamics between Epic and ChipSoft in the Dutch EPR market. Peer60 made it easy to conduct rapid research over roughly a two week period, receiving responses from 24% and 19% of these two suppliers’ customers, respectively. In the study, we asked for feedback in benchmarking both tangible and intangible value-adds with both suppliers and discovered some interesting trends. Some of the insights stands as confirmation of already held beliefs, but we uncovered other insights that may come as a surprise to some stakeholders.


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Most Influential Titles

There’s an interesting contrast when participants were asked what title had the greatest influence in the buying decision. Which titles tend to go with ChipSoft and which always veer toward Epic?

Financial Outlook Post-Implementation

Has the financial outlook improved after implementation? One supplier’s customer base is more confident than the other’s.

Gartner EPR Models Most Used by ChipSoft/Epic Customers

It looks like both ChipSoft and Epic users are progressing with their Gartner Generation models, but they’re each going about it in a different way.