President Trump’s Executive Order on Price Transparency

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On June 24, 2019 President Trump issued an Executive Order that is meant to accelerate the emergence of price transparency for patients. Through our research cloud, we gathered research from 286 healthcare leaders over a 7 day period. As is typical when we do this kind of research, the most enthusiastic demographic continues to be those who work for provider organizations with physicians being the group principally interested in President Trump’s Executive Order. The insights we garnered from payers, suppliers, and Big Pharma are interesting yet primarily anecdotal in nature.


What is the market’s general opinion on the President’s executive order aimed at improving price transparency?


Opinions aside, do providers and payers feel like this is going to be an effective change? Or are we just spinning our wheels?

Next Steps

Hundreds of direct comments from leaders at provider, payer, supplier, and pharma organizations detail what their next steps will be in light of President Trump’s executive order.


Though we can’t all play President, we share the thoughts and suggestions these different leaders have if they could have it their way.