Radiology Leaders Perspective of RSNA

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While wandering around RSNA we heard a lot of comments from attendees about the conference – some good, some bad. It got us thinking about our years of attendance and what we’ve come away with from these shows and how our experiences compare with others. So we decided to launch some research in early December 2019 to see how others feel about RSNA (and trade shows in general). Here’s what we found out…


The numbers show a slight dip in attendance from 2018 to 2019’s RSNA conference. If our data from 192 radiology leaders is correct…another dip might be in store for next year.


We are always interested in finding out what new technology is most impressive and impactful, and what is just a smoke and mirrors game to peak interest.

Memorable Experiences

Vendors are spending hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars on their booths at RSNA. With that kind of spend on the table, find out which vendors provided the best experience.