Hottest Trends in Revenue Cycle Management

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The market for revenue cycle management is ripe for a dramatic shift. 1 in 5 organizations seriously consider replacing their core RCM supplier. One half of those are replacing all solutions. With such a significant swing in the market eminent, which suppliers stand to gain? Dig into these RCM trends to discover who is poised to win new business.

Which RCM approach is preferred?

Compare the current RCM approach of hospitals with their ideal approach.

Who will win business?

Analyze the replacement market to see which suppliers will come out on top.

Which RCM areas are being outsourced?

Examine which areas in RCM hospitals choose to outsource, along with their future outsourcing plans.

Supplier Ratings

With an N of 432, we had a lot of providers tell us which suppliers they are using, and how satisfied they are…or are not.

Suppliers Covered