Social Determinants of Health

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Seeing as how social determinants of health (SDoH) involves much more than just one area of a community, we wanted to involve as many leadership groups from different healthcare verticals and organization types. This study is comprised of engagement from 61 decision makers in various roles at provider organizations around the country. It looks at what areas of SDoH being addressed, resources dedicated to SDoH, and what some of the biggest benefits and barriers are in focusing on improving the quality of life in the communities surrounding each organization.

What is SDoH

With SDoH being such a broad topic with varying meanings, we look at what aspects are actually being addressed by provider organizations.


As with almost anything now days, we look to technology for help. What technologies and services are being used to support SDoH programs?

Top Benefits

What are the top benefits that come from focusing on SDoH? Hint: the most common benefit mentioned was improved health outcomes…but what else?