Speech Recognition in Cardiology

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Speech recognition in cardiology perfectly illustrates the point that cardiology organizations are slower to adopt new technology compared to their counterparts in radiology. Fewer than one in four cardiology facilities having adopted a speech solution. Compare that to radiology with adoption rates north of 90%. However, those with stakes in the speech industry shouldn’t abandon the cardiology market, as we’re seeing the rate of adoption triple from the previous year and though advancements are happening, speech recognition is not a new technology by any stretch. So, what’s driving this increase in adoption?

First Time Adopters

Cardiology organizations often take slightly longer to adopt new technologies. We take a look at which vendors are winning the most first time adopters. Nuance and M*Modal on top..but who is number 3?

Replacement Market?

As with all of our reports, we like to see who is winning and who is losing business. Speech recognition vendors consistently have the lowest replacement rates (they hold on to their customers)!

Reasons for Resisting Adoption?

What are the main reasons that keep cardiology organizations from adopting what appears to be a fairly common technology?