Speech Rec in Radiology-State of the Market

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Those in radiology are truly the pioneers of speech recognition technology. The department has traditionally been the earliest adopter of new tools in healthcare. They went from film to viewing and storing their images on PACS. When the opportunity presented itself to jump from the dictation train, they opened their arms to speech recognition.

While it’s debatable whether Nuance had a technological advantage, they were one of the first with a solution and aggressively developed partnerships with PACS, RIS and EHR vendors. In this brief, we find that all of the vendors are doing a solid job but Nuance continues to dominate the market in terms of customers.

Market Presence

Which speech recognition vendors are being used most in radiology among our 209 participants?

Adoption Rates

While speech recognition is making great strides, there’s still a good amount of organizations that say they’ll never adopt a solution.

System Integration

Find out which systems have the least amount of issues integrating with their speech recognition solution.

Trended Data

Take a look at some of the year-over-year trends that are starting to form as this study begins repeating itself.